Have you tried with in-house translators? Freelancers? Translating companies, which do not invest in software and innovative procedures?

This is why International Service is the best choice for your translations:

  • Quick translation turn aroundtimes.
  • Rigorous respect of delivery times.
  • Professional translations, with accurate, flowing texts, respecting the context.
  • Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 now updated to UNI EN ISO 17100:2015 and to the UNI 10574 for interpreting.
  • No language or job sector limitations.
  • Savings without affecting quality: our use of state-of-the art IT tools means that we can guarantee the best translations in the shortest time, thus optimising the processing costs.
  • In-house proof-reading of the texts, as laid down in the certified quality procedures.
  • Private cloud access available to our customers for safe file exchange, even of large files.
  • Use of Technical Glossaries that improve the quality and precision of the translation.
  • We are insured against any damages caused by translation errors.
  • In all the years we have been working, we have never had to activate the insurance for damages caused by translation errors!

International Service is a member of Unilingue and, through this, of EUATC – European Union of Associations of Translation Companies.