Our translators

Only the best professionals give the best results: this is why we pay careful attention to recruiting translators.

To work with International Service, the translator must:

  • Be strictly a native speaker.
  • Be a university graduate with at least five years’ experience working full time.
  • Have a broad general culture, enabling him or her to correctly interpret the working context and cope with the inevitable adaptations required in every translation.

Our translators are each specialised in a specific sector (e.g. medicine, law, technical and industrial, automotive…).
In this way we can provide services regarding each specialised field – and each language.

Working method

Once recruited, our translators receive training on the working procedures of our agency, on how to use our management system and CAT tools with advanced features.

We invest in their professional skills, with a view to long-lasting collaborations and so that we can be sure of always guaranteeing our customers the best service.

CAT tools, that means computer-aided translation tools, work on concordance of terminology, project management, translation memories and many other items. They make it possible to do high quality complex translations, even for the most demanding projects, making time and cost savings for our customers and maintaining a uniform writing style for each one of them, job after job.