Legal translations must only be assigned to professionals and agencies of a proven level and experience.

Documents, expert appraisals, contracts, legal deeds and many other things only acquire legal value through specific procedures with which the translator takes on the legal liability for any errors or inconsistency with respect to the original documents.

We only assign the documents to be translated to expert professionals, specialised in the different sectors of work. The first draft then undergoes a series of inspections and controls by the other expert translators to guarantee an impeccable final result from every point of view.

We are also organised to be able to offer the services connected to legally certifying and swearing the translated documents.

Certified translations

The translated document will be accompanied by our certification, on headed paper, attesting its conformity with the original document. The translator assigned the work will sign acceptance of the related professional responsibility indicating his or her personal data and contact information.

This type of certification has legal value for a great variety of uses, above all in foreign countries: from university and scientific institute applications to the whole business world.

Above all in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the “certified translation” has full legal value.

Sworn or asseverated translations

In this case, however, the translation acquires legal value only after the same translator goes to the court and guarantees the conformity of the document to the original by swearing (the courts usually have a special office for this type of certification). A duty stamp is applied to the translated document, which confirms its full legal value.

Sworn or asseverated translations are necessary for legal uses of foreign documents in Italy and in a whole series of particular cases abroad.

International Service is an organised and structured reality, operating for over 35 years and capable of responding to all the needs of legalised translations (certified or sworn) from and to any language.

The quality of our work is also guaranteed by the procedures we adopt: International Service’s quality system is certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015.

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